Our Products


An electronic document management system with workflow support. An efficient and stable partner in secure management of business documents with a wide range of satisfied customers and more than 25 years of experience.


The electronic channels of the Electra product family supported by various technology solutions have served communication between the Hungarian financial intermediation system and their retail and corporate clients in managing their daily finances.


Cardinal’s mobile authentication tool, which supports strong customer authentication (SCA) as required by the PSD2 Directive of the European Union (EBA-RTS) through two-factor authentication (2FA) on Android, iOS and Windows 10 operating platforms.

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Our achievements in numbers

years of experience

Flexibly adapting our information technology solutions to constantly changing market needs and legal requirements, we satisfy all current needs of our customers.

system integrations

Our CRAFT, Electra and ViCA products were successfully integrated with more than 80 back end systems of our partners over the past 32 years.

corporate customers using Electra

We provide electronic banking channels for more than 150,000 customers of Hungarian banks, allowing them secure and fast management of daily finances through their banks.

retail customers using Electra

Commercial banks operating in Hungary provide more than 1 million retail customers with remote access to their bank accounts so that they could manage their daily finances in a fast and secure manner.