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István Gyimesi, our Managing Director and then Head of Development, gave a presentation at the ITBusiness Finance & Technology conference on “The Engine of the Fintech Revolution”.

At the conference we demonstrated how our Electra API component can help banks and fintech companies integrate their products.
Recording of the presentation in Hungarian: ITBUSINESS Youtube.
Conference website: https://itbusiness.hu/event/esemenyek_rovat/finance-2024/.
Our slideshow in Hungarian:

In addition to our presentation, we heard a number of interesting and informative presentations, some interesting sentences:

  • Generation Z is the biggest app user, but there are also baby boomers among users.
  • As core systems have become dated, banks have decided to modernise them.
  • Corporates are not getting very extensive digital service.
  • Digital citizenship programme coming soon. So B2C acronyms may now include Citizen alongside Consumer.
  • AI may be tasked with data cleansing.
  • Developers will disappear in 5-7 years next to the system built. (Fortunately, this is not the case with Cardinal.) If there are three left, after one quits, there are only 4 months to replace them. Obsolescence is also common with old systems.
  • We have reached the inflection point in terms of shortage of skilled staff, but still lack a lot of manpower to meet deadlines.
  • It is not the development that is long, it is the survey. AI can help in test. This in turn can wear out the junior layer, instead it can strengthen low code.
  • You have to go where the customer is. For example, the bank helps the SME with start-up administration or provides an accountant, and then maybe the bank will add the service.
  • Everything is going mobile based on the current direction, maybe AI will change this.
  • The number of people choosing to branch out only is falling very steeply.
  • DORA, NIS2: Little preparation time, no final RTS yet. Advanced test will be needed in many cases: LTPT, human, physical, digital, real Threats based on live system. The operating team also needs to be checked if it reacts well in case of attack.
  • Fintech investment has declined, but is still significant in B2B.
  • Cash may disappear as a form of payment.
  • We still need professionals who know what they are doing. Most importantly, critical thinking.
  • There are many generations working together and this needs to be managed.
  • Make it a good office for whoever needs it.
  • Could be a problem with using opensource, few people follow their security.
  • The disadvantage of containerised solutions is that systems can drag each other down if the operating system is attacked.
  • Personalised attacks, even ordered by a competitor.
  • Let’s take care of our data body.