We have been working from home for three months now

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Looking back on the months behind us, we can state that we can carry out our work in a home office environment effectively.

The pandemic declared in March transformed our previously usual working conditions in less than 3 days. Since then, all our employees perform their daily tasks remotely from their homes. The swift transition has also been promoted by our experience over the past few years, as some of our colleagues have been on their day-to-day job remotely already. In the past months, all employees of our company have mastered the use of video conferencing applications. With the help of these applications, hundreds of discussions and professional consultations have been held with our partners as well as within the company.

We were able to switch effectively to new, online forms of contact with our banking customers, replacing the personal meetings previously carried out. We could perform our system design and development tasks literally without any compromise. This was also very much needed since the introduction of curfew provisions have increased the role of online administration and the use of electronic channels in banks.  In this regard have developed a few new features in many business functions based on banking needs.

All of these developments were aimed at redirecting personal customer relationships to online channels (e.g. the secure flow of customer documents between the bank and its customer, the diversion of traffic from previous paper-based or less secure mobile channels to secure electronic communication).

All our partners using CRAFT, Electra and ViCA application systems have been using Cardinal’s workflow based CCC ticketing application for years. It provides a secure, electronic messaging between our customer support centers and our partners. Our customer support personnel securely accesses the Company’s internal servers and the banking test systems required to perform their tasks through encrypted VPN channels.

Cardinal’s management monitors the changes and news about the public health situation in the media as well as the related provisions taken by the national government.  Based on the evaluation of those information it will decide on the roadmap under what conditions and when colleagues can return to office premises.

Picture credit to radiomitre.cienradios.com