About Us

Our history


Using its own development team, our company has developed electronic banking applications and document management systems for 32 years.
The main focus of the company, which is wholly owned by Hungarian private individuals, is to support financial sector companies with IT applications as an independent service provider.

The outstanding professional work delivered by our staff is supported by in-house R&D, which allows us continuous refurbishment of our systems and offering several innovative and ground-breaking solutions to our business partners.

Following the delivery of our customised IT applications implementing banking electronic channels, we provide support services available to our customers 24/7 on 365 days of the yearDuring the more than two decades of cooperation we forged close partnerships with our customers which guarantee successful preparation for the technological challenges we will face in upcoming years.


Thanks to our low employee turnover, our staff members have nearly 15 years of professional experience on average. We celebrate our long-time co-workers every year, just like the company’s birthday in February. Our office is surrounded by a large green garden, a place we use not only during lunch breaks in the summer but also for barbecues and sports activities. A shower and a changing room are available to those who come to work by bicycle.

Our goals

Apart from providing as complete services as needed to fulfil our customers’ demands, our software and system development efforts also aim at providing sustainable solutions compliant with current industry standards and legal regulations. Our system upgrades integrate new technologies and capabilities (e.g. API, open banking, mobile applications)  in response to the digitisation challenges of our era.

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Managing director

István Gyimesi

Managing director

Zoltán Nagy M.

We have created two stable business lines since the foundation of the company more than 30 years ago. One of them is the CRAFT business line offering a wide range of workflow-supported document management services, and the other is the Electra business line, which offers various versions of an electronic channel providing secure business communication between banks and their customers. Our customers can select standard or custom solutions when they decide to implement our products, and as a result of this flexibility, we have grown into one of the major developers operating in the Hungarian financial infrastructure market.

Our customers, companies operating in the banking and financial sector, use the CRAFT document management system and the Electra banking electronic channel product family with success. We intend to keep our market leading position and our long-standing relationship with our existing customers also in the future. To accomplish that, we can count on my colleagues’ dedicated and hard work over the upcoming years. I hope that the technological innovations continuously implemented in the design of our delivered solutions and their customisation to the customer’s needs will ensure the reliability of the business relationships we have built.

Head of Development

Csaba Soós

I joined Cardinal Ltd following my graduation from ELTE University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I furthered my knowledge in Computer Science at SZTE University, where I earned a master’s degree summa cum laude. Over the years, I have gained full insight into the entire project lifecycle through the development and support of Craft systems and managing numerous successful projects. After 15 years, I had the opportunity to utilise my expertise in the field of Electra software development. The projects I have led on have helped me understand both the professional and business aspects of our customers needs and issues, and they have equipped me with the right skills to continue my career as part of the Electra leadership team, with a full commitment to deliver technological innovation and customer-oriented solutions.

Head of Development

Tibor Venczel

I have been developing document management systems as a member of Cardinal Kft’s team for more than 20 years. When I graduated as a computer programmer mathematician from ELTE, I started to work as a lecturer specialising in programming methodology at the ELTE Information Technology department. I earned my doctoral degree in the PhD program of the University of Leeds (UK). I wrote my doctoral thesis on the analysis of digitised schematic molecule drawings. During the years I have spent at Cardinal I gained extensive experience in the design of document and case management systems used in the financial sector.

Head of Development

András Soós

Our mission is to forward values. Regardless of whether it is a small or a large customer, or we are dealing with thousands of transactions or just a single one, they are equally important to us. The basic goal is the same: values should get to their intended destination. Every time, for everybody, securely. This is a simple, albeit very stringent requirement on our partners and customers’ part which can only be complied with if conventional, proven methods are combined with continuous development, renewal and flexible adaptation to needs. These are the features which ensure the success of our development team.

Head of CRAFT Support

Attila Zsömle

I joined Cardinal in 2004 and was immediately fascinated by the team’s commitment towards customers and continuously developing technologies. I believe that efficient product support is a sine qua non for the long-term development of any successful businesses. We have put great emphasis on the regular software training of users, so that they can acquire and continuously improve their skills in using our CRAFT document management systems. It is important to us that our customers knew that they have access to the services of a specialist team they can count on any time. I am proud that my work at Cardinal Kft. makes me the member of a community which has played a major role in the information technology development of Hungarian banks over the past two decades.

Head of Electra Support

Réka Borbáthné Bodó

I graduated as a programming mathematician from the Babes-Bólyai University of Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca, Romania). I have been a member of the Cardinal team for more than a decade. As head of the Support Team, my primary responsibility is to learn and understand our customers’ needs, and to provide quality support for the systems developed by our company.

We are aware of the details of the development and business processes, have in-depth knowledge of Electra systems and their operation, and we work closely with the developers and also with key users of our systems. This allows us to react to requests efficiently and quickly, and to solve any problems in the shortest possible time. Our team’s commitment, expertise and continuous desire to learn are the key to our success.

Kiss László
Head of Project Management

László Kiss

I’d been working as a supporter for CRAFT system at Cardinal Ltd since 1996. At those times, I was still studying computer programming at ELTE University, after graduating, I continued working as a developer in CRAFT systems, and then I also performed project management tasks, meanwhile I graduated as a computer scientist at SZTE University.
Since 2012, I have been entrusted with project management of some Electra systems, and I became the representative of our ISO 9001 system. Communication with banks means more and more tasks due to the expanding customer base and growing demands, therefore, we gradually took over these tasks from the developers – forming a separate, ever-larger project management team.
I hope that with the activities of our project management collective we will also help our clients and developers, making cooperation more efficient.

Head of Development

László Balogh

I have been working at Cardinal Ltd for more than 20 years. After graduating from ELTE, it was not my first job, but it was here that I found the family and professionally inspiring atmosphere that allowed me to work with them for a long time.

Our company represents reliability, consistency and high quality in the Hungarian banking sector. At the same time, rapid changes in the banking regulatory environment in recent years have made it necessary to develop our services intensively.

As the head of the Electra system backend development team, my main task is to coordinate these two important strategies. We take into account the specificities of each bank’s backend system to the maximum extent possible and strive to deliver optimal software of high quality and information security for all our partners.

Document management systems

The modular structure of our CRAFT system, which we developed on the basis of the experience we gained in corporate and institutional document management over 25 years, allows us to offer flexible solutions to address our customers’ document management needs. The integrated workflow management support ensures the automated management of individual business administration processes. At the same time as the relevant European and Hungarian regulations were being revised and renewed in 2018, we made a leap in quality by developing the Hiteles Elektronikus Archívum (Electronic Archive of Certified Documents) product module, which supports signing managed documents using the eIDAS compliant Advanced Electronic Signatures (AdES) or Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) technologies by involving an accredited third party trust service provider in the process.

Virtual chip card

Our in-house developed ViCA application, which allows bank customers secure remote access to their accounts, is offered mainly to financial institutions. It meets all strong two-factor customer authentication (SCA) requirements set out in the Regulatory Technical Standard (EBA-RTS) included in the European Union’s PSD2 Directive on the Android, iOS and Windows 10 operating platforms.

Quality assurance and Information security

We implemented the ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems (QMS) and the BS 7799-2:2002 information security systems standards integrated into our business processes in 2003. Following the continued development of the standards, today we run our integrated quality management and information security systems in accordance with the more recent MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 and MSZ ISO/IEC 27001:2006 standards, and we are audited by SGS, one of the largest testing, inspection and certification companies in the world, every year.