General product description

Cardinal Kft. has been developing electronic document management solutions for more than twenty years. Our CRAFT document management framework implements new functions on a continuous basis to keep up with changing market requirements generated by technological advancement, statutory changes and new customer needs.

The system provides controlled and transparent document management for the administrative procedures of businesses and financial service providers working with large quantities of documents and having complex administration processes. The CRAFT system offers its services in a modular form, which means that each module can be used individually and independently of other modules and can be interfaced with existing user applications.

Our comprehensive electronic document management framework is in use at more than 500 sites, processing tens of thousands of documents every day, with the total number of documents amounting to approximately 100 million documents.

The system files the documents, digitizes them and supports their whole life-cycle and the controlled administration processes associated with them. Its modules fulfill every document management requirement the administrative processes of our modern age are expected to meet, from keeping records of physical documents, to moving, archiving and lending them, to keeping records of already digitized documents in a form which enables sorting them by various properties.

The CRAFT system is designed to ensure the uniform management of all incoming documents, regardless of whether they are received in hard copy or via an electronic channel (email, fax, file download).

The wide range of parameters available in the most recent version of the system released in 2018 allows users to implement custom data content and process designs and management. The new workflow module allows users to add self-controlled steps to workflows, and enables them to define conditions and automatic actions to specific workflow steps. The person designing the process can define even obligatory data exchange or process synchronization with other systems.

As a result of the ongoing CRAFT development, we will soon introduce the CRAFT Certified Archiving service. This will allow users to digitize documents (scanning) still managed in hard copy form and, using qualified certificates, to sign them electronically. This enables specific documents to keep their legal effects on the long term.