PDF template repository

Designing templates for PDF documents

PDF template repository

Hard copy records are gradually replaced by electronic documents. Taking into account that hard copy records can be managed by anybody, electronic documents must also be presented in a form which can be read by almost any IT tools. This is why documents are produced in PDF format. Companies can use our system to create document description templates which can generate documents from a set of XML data. With the help of these templates, you can produce large quantities of electronic (PDF) documents based the common document formats in use at the company.


  • Design PDF templates
  • Create non-editable replies and correction request mail based on templates during administration
  • Create large quantities of documents based on XML data or CSV files
  • Generate template-based documents when it is initiated by other systems of the company
  • Create template headers and footers
  • Centrally define styles to be used in templates
  • Populate data fields and tables with data
  • Conditional document sections
  • A single document type can be associated with more than one template
  • Manage effective and expiry dates of document templates
  • Support the template implementation process


Documents are always generated in an appropriate form and with appropriate content.

Templates are created through a controlled process which can only be run with appropriate user rights. This prevents creating mail with incorrect content.

The legal department can monitor all template changes, preventing any legal disputes.

It allows developing customisable templates to meet the company’s requirements.

Through interacting with other systems of the company, it also solves the document integration issues arising in those systems.

General features

  • Bespoke solutions
  • Reliable systems tailored to the needs of financial institutions
  • Processes and data content can be designed by the principal
  • Solutions working closely with other systems used by the company