Moving physical records


Moving physical records

Although the rate of electronically created documents is continuously growing, paper-based administration is to remain with us for quite a while. There are still situations where a specific decision requires the original copy of a document to be present, or where an administrator has to print and post a reply. Since these records move between different organisational units within the company, their whereabouts and the name of the employee currently responsible for them should be documented on a continuous basis. Failing to achieve that will make it difficult later on to identify the workflow during which a specific record has been lost. It is practical to keep a record delivery log signed by both the delivering party and the recipient to keep track of record movements between organisational units. Nowadays, these logs, as well as the signatures placed on them, can be in an electronic form. Using such a tool will allow clear identification of the person responsible for safeguarding the record at any given time.


  • Move incoming and outgoing physical records within the company
  • Manage electronic record delivery logs
  • Support for direct delivery and delivery by courier
  • Barcode-based control and tracking of physical record movements using barcode readers
  • The movement of physical records is controlled by the document management system
  • Support record requests and record lending
  • Continuously track the current location of records
  • Control the filing procedure for processed records
  • Transfer outgoing records to the mailroom, scan and file duplicates, if any
  • Full documentation of record movements


No record is lost.

The movement of physical records follows a well-defined workflow, and is not based on individual decisions.

The system allows defining record types which require the presence of genuine physical records during administration.

By the time the administration process reaches the relevant stage, the physical record is already at the right place. Using barcodes and barcode readers can drastically shorten physical records delivery time.

When a record is lost, this fact is immediately revealed at the delivery/acceptance point allowing swift handling of the problem.

General features

  • Bespoke solutions
  • Reliable systems tailored to the needs of financial institutions
  • Processes and data content can be designed by the principal
  • Solutions working closely with other systems used by the company