Based on a substitution plan and absence records, the system offers absent users' tasks to their substitutes


With our Case Management module it is completely clear who must deal with a specific case in a given processing step. If case types are properly designed and implemented, administrators will only manage cases assigned to them. When an administrator is absent (on leave), somebody else must be able to take over the management of their cases. This is what we offer our Substitution module, a convenient and easy solution for. If you want substitution to be managed automatically, you can define a substitution order specifying who can substitute a given administrator in a given function. The absence records can be used for keeping up-to-date records of who is away and when. This can be planned in advance (holidays) or set with immediate effect (away at meeting). Based on the substitution order and the absence records, the system automatically enables substitutes to manage the cases assigned to the person they are to substitute.


  • Manage a pre-defined substitution order
  • Depending on their user rights, administrators can manage their substitution definition themselves
  • The substitution order can be maintained centrally
  • It is possible to specify different substitutes for different functions
  • Manage planned leave of absence periods
  • 1-button absence management taking effect immediately
  • Central absence management
  • Automatically detect when absence has ended; change ‘absent’ status if confirmed
  • When a staff member is absent, the functions required to carry out their tasks are made accessible to the substitute
  • Substitution functions are separated by substituted person


Cases assigned to an administrator will be taken care of even in his or her absence. Case management will not stop because of the administrator’s absence.

Substitution is managed automatically, so there is no need to select an ad hoc substitute on the spot when an administrator goes absent.

The tasks of substituted staff members are displayed separately for the substitutes, so it is always clear whose task they are doing, and so they can make decisions and give information (e.g. in a reply) aware of that.

The job done during substitution is credited to the substitute. Case management activities performed as a substitute do not interfere with the usual workflow of the given case.

General features

  • Bespoke solutions
  • Reliable systems tailored to the needs of financial institutions
  • Processes and data content can be designed by the principal
  • Solutions working closely with other systems used by the company