Electra Client Program


The Electra Client Program is the installed client component of the Electra system and was developed mainly for use by corporate customers. It makes accessing Electra system services possible even at times of extremely high-volume data transfers, while providing outstanding security.

The Electra Client Program is a Windows-based thick client application which customers can use to contact their banks via various channels (landline, X.25, PPP, internet, leased line). After it is installed, customers can use it add new orders, send them to their bank, query banking information and exchange messages with the bank’s relationship manager. The program offers multi-level protection for data exchanged between the customer and the bank.

Preparing and signing new orders, viewing and printing orders submitted earlier, printing account statements downloaded from the bank’s computer etc. can all be done offline, i.e. customers do not need to connect to the server running in the bank’s computer centre to carry out these tasks.

Customers can authenticate orders with their digital signatures, which are also verified by the bank. With the Electra Client Program, customers can use signatures generated in a form most befitting their needs: they can be a password, SMS token, physical or virtual chipcard (ViCA) passwords.

Adapting to the customer segmentation principles applied by banks, the Client Program has Light, Standard and service provider XL editions. These differ mainly in the range of functionalities they offer to fulfil all customer needs ranging from private individuals to large corporates.

Services to bank customer segments

The Electra Client Program is most suitable to provide high level services to corporate bank customers, including:

  • SMEs and companies which will get an easy-to-use and fast system to query information and to send their banks several orders (20 to 30 a day) on a daily basis,
  • large corporates and small service providers, which may launch hundreds of orders on a daily basis, and may want to link the import/export function of the Client Program to their own systems to automate their internal processes,
  • large corporates and large service providers which can use it as an automatic bank terminal program to automatically forward large volumes of transactions generated in their own systems to the bank’s system, and to automate their queries.


A bank can use the Electra Client Program to make any of its services or products accessible. It is suitable for querying any information, preparing and submitting orders, carrying out direct payment (including direct credit) transactions, and querying order statuses. The system sends notifications to monitor the status of direct credit and direct debit orders, postal and cashpool transactions, and it can also be used to query account balance statement information.

The Client Program offers a wide range of import and export functions to connect to customers’ systems. It can import orders and export information (statements, notifications and transactions) in a large number of standard formats and custom formats defined by banks. As a result of the continuous development of the system, it can import and export orders in several standard formats and also in custom formats defined by banks.

Being one of the elements of the Electra ecosystem, the Electra Client Program can interact with all other electronic channels of the family (Internet Banking, openAPI, Mobile Banking, MobilApp). As a consequence of that, an order added in, for example, the Client Program can be signed and sent to the bank via any of the Internet Banking, MobilApp or even – by involving a Third Party Provider (TPP) – openAPI channels, which ensures unique mobility in virtual space, bridging the distance between the geographical locations of an entity’s sites.

Major advantages of the Electra Client Program

  • simple design,
  • easy use and maintenance,
  • an outstanding and multi-level security solution,
  • networking support: allows concurrent users,
  • management of large data volumes even for a single customer,
  • robust import/export functions (SAP, UGIRO, text, proprietary formats),
  • a wide range of parameter settings,
  • a single program can manage multiple customers simultaneously,
  • easy and fast to install from CD or a self-extracting file,
  • independent of the versions of third party components,
  • can take over data from customer terminal programs used the bank earlier (migration).