Electra Mobil App


Our Mobil App is a ‘hybrid’ application available for download from AppStore and Google Play as a native application for iOS and Android platforms, respectively. The downloaded application functions essentially as a security framework only. It does not provide any business functions by itself.

This framework application uses an embedded browser to display an Electra Internet Banking interface optimised for mobile devices (responsive interface). Depending on the bank’s decision, the functions which users can access with it can cover the whole spectrum of Electra Internet Banking functionalities, and some additional ones.

The application can provide access to functions like creating bank orders and sending them to banks, launching queries, managing investments, securities, a mailbox, switching between customers (if the given user has access rights to more than one customer account), displaying bank information, news and announcements, downloading bank documents and – based on the GPS-coordinates received from the device – displaying the location of nearby ATMs and branches.

Central management is one of the advantages of the hybrid solution: when a new Electra Internet Banking function is introduced, it automatically becomes available in Mobil App too, that way preventing any conflicts between different channels at times of upgrading.

This framework application is available on the iOS and Android platforms.

Basic services provided by the application:

  • displays the Electra Internet Banking interface optimised for mobile devices in an embedded browser and grants access to all of its functions

  • stores all information required for personalisation (optional)

  • forms a security layer between the mobile device and the integrated browser.

Logging in to Mobil App is only possible with the appropriate user identifier and following successful authentication (e.g. by using ViCA).

The design elements of the hybrid Mobil App match the appearance of Internet Banking run by the bank, presenting a uniform bank image to the user.


Serving bank customer segments

Electra Mobil App provides high standard services to all bank customer segments. It is the optimal solution to the following customer groups in particular:

  • those retail customers who use the system regularly, mostly to query information and to carry out a few financial orders a day,
  • SMEs, which use the system to query information and to carry out dozens of financial transactions a day,
  • large corporates and large service providers can also use it along with Electra Internet Banking or the installed Electra Client Program, as a supplementary service adding mobility to chief financial officers.


By implementing the Mobil App application, banks can make any of their Electra Internet Banking services or products available to their customers.

Being one of the elements of the Electra ecosystem, Electra Internet Banking can interact with all other electronic channels of the family (Internet Banking, Client Program, openAPI). As a consequence of that, an order added in, for example, the Client Program can be signed and sent to the bank via any of the Internet Banking, MobilApp or even – by involving a Third Party Provider (TPP) – openAPI channels, which ensures unique mobility in virtual space, bridging the distance between the geographical locations of an entity’s sites.