Invoice processing

Reading large quantities of invoice information

Invoice processing

Some companies process significant quantities of invoices received in paper or electronic form on a daily basis. Although the popularity of electronically generated invoices is growing, paper invoices are still issued in large numbers. Processing these invoices is an extremely laborious process. Given the great variety of invoice formats in use, reading the information on paper invoices is not always trivial. The Invoice Processing module of our system makes it possible to create different templates for incoming invoices. If more than one invoice is received from the same issuer, only the layout of the first one must be ‘taught’ to the system. The processing of all other similar invoices can be automated.


  • Automatic processing of invoices matching an existing template
  • Define new templates for new types of incoming invoices
  • Create templates suitable to record only the main details or every single data item appearing on the invoice
  • Validate data content by collating information appearing in different fields
  • Export or transfer data content to other systems
  • Archive invoice images
  • Use invoice images in the invoice certification process
  • Store the images of electronic and paper invoices together in the Electronic Archive of Certified Documents


An increasing template repository allows the automatic processing of an increasing number of invoice types.

A labour-intensive workflow is replaced with a fixed-cost IT application.

General features

  • Bespoke solutions
  • Reliable systems tailored to the needs of financial institutions
  • Processes and data content can be designed by the principal
  • Solutions working closely with other systems used by the company