Electra Internet Banking


Electra Internet Banking is the internet user interface of the Electra system allowing access to banking services through the web.

Having access to Electra Internet Banking, customers can use a browser application to contact their banks, send messages to each other, query information about their accounts and initiate financial transactions through the internet 24 hours a day.

The services provided by the system can be accessed by using the most popular browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome.

The large number of banks using our system and their internal IT security teams represent additional resources from which our developers can get up-to-date information about malicious attacks occurring on the internet. Thanks to this, we can often prepare the Electra system against these attacks before they become widespread.

Serving bank customer segments

Electra Internet Banking can provide high level services to all bank customer segments, including:

  • retail customers, who use the system regularly, mostly to query information and to submit a few orders a day,
  • SMEs, which want an easy-to-use and fast system to query information and to carry out a larger number of financial transactions (20 to 30 a day) on a daily basis,
  • large corporates and small service providers, which may launch hundreds of payment orders a day, and may want to link the import/export function of Internet Banking to their own systems to automate their internal processes,
  • large corporates and large service providers can also use it along with the installed Electra Client Program, as a supplementary service adding mobility to the stationary Client Program, or
  • contracted partners of financial institutions (e.g. credit intermediaries), who carry out special operations related to the products of the given financial institution via a channel provided by the bank for this purpose.


A bank can use the Internet Banking interface to make any of its services or products accessible. It is suitable for querying any information, preparing and submitting orders, carrying out direct payment (including direct credit) transactions, and querying the status of submitted and received orders. The system sends notifications to monitor the status of direct credit and direct debit orders and postal transactions, and it can also be used to query account balance statement information.

The service offers a wide range of export and import functions, so it can be connected to bank customers’ own financial and accounting systems. As a result of the continuous development of the system, it can import and export orders in several standard formats and also in custom formats defined by banks.

Being one of the elements of the Electra ecosystem, Electra Internet Banking can interact with all other electronic channels of the family (Client Program, openAPI, Mobile Banking, MobilApp). As a consequence of that, an order added in, for example, the Client Program can be signed and sent to the bank via any of the Internet Banking, MobilApp or even – by involving a Third Party Provider (TPP) – openAPI channels, which ensures unique mobility in virtual space, bridging the distance between the geographical locations of an entity’s sites.